Who i am, Who are you?

I am another woman holding this world

Portrait Mercedes Alba by Heber Israel Alba.

Who is Mercedes Alba? Does she exist? I am a multimedia poet.
I am not a product of advertising or marketing, I do not wear Gap, Victoria’s Secret, DKNY, Guess, Saks or Diesel. Never I have worn Nike shoes, I do not buy products made by children, or slaves of the Third World. I am a post-modernist- woman who recycles the memories, my ascentral hopes, my dreams. I recycle paper, biodegradable materials from my home, my “Wixaritari people”and my body, I recycle the joys, my lips grenade, aluminum cans, I recycle to give me a second life, to renew hopes; I am a free thinking artist. My paintings are visual metaphors, I am faithful to my indigenous roots.
I honor The Wixaritari’s roots, so I keep making the sacred art of my ancestral “The Ojo de Dios, or God’s Eye” a sacred or shamanic object, with a very deep spiritual meaning. But I am also faithful to my inner voice which I express sometimes in writing, or in collages, I am faithful to the freedom that gives arts its freedom without conditions so I see my art as a work always in progress, i live  between the sacred and political symbols, which are to me personal. I do experiment a lot, with materials, ideals, symbols, realities, feelings.
I am a feminist, Freethinker, activist for the human rights.

Today i am a product of my free imagination. Who are you? Kuka sä olet?

Quién eres Tú?


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